Ultimate Guide to Bagels
Ultimate Guide to Bagels
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Brooklyn BagelFest: NYC's First Ever Bagel-themed Food Festival

Mission and Objective

People feel quite strongly about Bagels. New Yorkers, in particular, bring an unusual degree of emotion to their relationship with Bagels. In a city that is often divided by class, status, and profession, Bagels manage to cut across every line of separation – Bagels can rightly be called New York’s great equalizer. Age, race, status, sexual orientation, you name iteverything can be tossed out the window when it comes to this deeply symbolic bakery treat. Indeed, it is not uncommon to witness a construction worker and Wall Street banker sitting side by side, happily munching on a Bagel and schmear, united only by their love of this uniquely egalitarian food.


The mission of the Brooklyn BagelFest is to celebrate New York’s unifying treasure, and to recognize all the members of the Bagel community who make it happen with aromatic seduction every morning across our great city. For the first time in history, the entire Bagel community, from the tireless proprietors, to the gleeful consumers, and everyone in between, will have the opportunity to come together to celebrate this iconic emblem of New York ethos. In doing so, the Brooklyn BagelFest will create an ultimate New York experience.

Over the coming years, we expect the Brooklyn BagelFest to develop into a signature New York event, with hundreds of vendors and thousands (and, one day, tens of thousands) of the most passionate Bagel enthusiasts, influencers and attendees.

Why Should I Go?


The benefit of participating is clear: exposure to potential customers and local media, position your business as an NYC leader, and catch up with the latest concepts and innovations from other vendors, suppliers, and innovators. 

In the age of the internet, a strong brand and reputation is paramount for sustainable long-term success. Look no further than The Bagel Store, whose Rainbow Bagel catapulted them into the spotlight and one of the most successful Bagel shops in the world. Participating in the Brooklyn BagelFest is an opportunity to make a similar mark.


Bagel lovers or not, this will be a unique experience that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Bagels are at the heart of NYC, and the BagelFest fills a big hole in the heart of the city’s event calendar.

1st Annual Brooklyn BagelFest

The objective of the inaugural event was to prove out the concept, and demonstrate the amazing potential this event will have over time.

It proved to be a smashing success, with over a dozen vendors participating and a sold out crowd of 350+ attendees:



Bushwick Daily: A Bagel-Filled Piñata Was a Hit at Brooklyn’s First BagelFest

2020 BagelFest

While COVID-19 has put plans for the 2🥯2🥯 BagelFest on pause, we are still working hard to curate the best Bagel-themed food, activities, and speakers for the most epic BagelFest possible as soon as its safe to do so.

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