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People feel quite strongly about Bagels. It is a food that elicits an unusual degree of emotion. Bagels manage to cut across every line of separation – religion, age, race, status, sexual orientation, you name it – everything can be tossed out the window when it comes to this deeply symbolic bakery treat.


The mission of the Brooklyn Bagel Blog is to be the ultimate guide to bagels. Our goal is to help people enjoy the best bagels, tell the stories of the businesses and people that make up the bagel community, and spread the love for this unifying food across the world.

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This blog is for bagel-lovers and all members of the bagel community: businesses and people who work in the industry, hobbyists who make them for fun, bagel fanatics, the casual bagel consumer, and everybody in-between!

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Our very favorite thing in the world is to hear about your personal relationship with bagels: what is your favorite type of bagel? What is your favorite bagel shop? What is your favorite bagel-related memory?

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