The Ultimate Guide to 's Bagels

We’ve eaten thousands of bagels at hundreds of bagel shops over the past few years, and have distilled our experiences into a bite-sized guide to help you have the ultimate bagel experience.

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Why? Is something missing? Comment below!

collage of the best bagels in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

the shops

Bagel Point front of shop

Bagel Point

A relatively new kid on the block, Bagel Point opened in 2019. They’ve got a wide variety of house-made bagels, cream cheese and sandwiches. Bagels are big and fluffy. Very conveniently located right next to the Nassau Ave G. The biggest downside are the sometimes inefficient operations – we’ve waited 10 minutes for a simple bagel

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Outside of Baker's Dozen in Greenpoint

Baker’s Dozen

Baker’s Dozen is a hidden gem. This has been our go-to shop for the last 2 years, and they deserve more love – chalk it up to a poor social media presence. The bagels are big, fluffy and fresh. Great service. A no frills, no nonsense shop. Plus, the owner regularly donates excess inventory to local food banks. Only thing

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Outside of Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe in Greenpoint

Bread Brother’s Bagel Cafe

The Greenpoint Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe holds the distinction of being the northernmost bagel shop in Brooklyn. That’s about the nicest thing we can say about it. The bagels and cream cheese are bland. Do yourself a favor and walk the extra couple blocks to Baker’s Dozen

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Bagel sandwiches, shakshuka bun, and latke from Edith's in Greenpoint


Edith’s is a Jewish deli popup operating out of Paulie Gee’s pizza in Greenpoint They’re making wood-fires bagels in the same oven used to cook Paulie’s famous pizzas – some of the best in Brooklyn. They started as a temporary popup, but have since decided to stick around indefinitely. Instead of the usual litmus test,

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Outside of Frankel's in Greenpoint

Frankel’s Delicatessen & Appetizing

The best-known bagel spot in Greenpoint. Frankel’s is a contemporary take on a classic Jewish deli – and they nail it. This is the spot to go to if you want a lox or pastrami sandwich. Every single sandwich is meticulously crafted, and frankly, gorgeous. On the pricier side, but you’re paying for quality. Last we heard,

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honorable mentions

These spots may not make their own bagels, but they’re still good for a bagel and schmear (and sometimes more):

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