Collage of some of the best bagels in Brooklyn

Best Bagels in Brooklyn

If you’re looking for the best bagel in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve eaten thousands of bagels at hundreds of bagel shops, and distilled this knowledge into a bite-sized guide to help you have the ultimate bagel experience.

The Shops

Bagel Pub

Crown Heights | Park Slope

With 4 locations, high-quality bagels, and a humongous selection of bagels and cream cheeses, Bagel Pub is a force that dominates the Brooklyn bagel-scene. Tons of selection (arguably, too much choice). In addition to classic bagels, they have a huge menu of other deli foods, fresh juices, and coffee. Bright, well-designed interiors that aren’t overly flashy. Nothing gets a Bagel-lover more hyped than the signature MOUNTAINS of cream cheese at the Crown Heights location.

Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe

Prospect Heights

Another under-the-radar shop. Located on happening Vanderbilt Ave in Prospect Heights. Beyond the high-quality bagels, what makes Olde Brooklyn stand out in a sea of bagels is their signature za’atar bagel and cream cheese. 

For the uninitiated, za’atar is a traditional Middle Easter spice, “generally a combination of dried oregano, thyme, and/or marjoram (woodsy and floral), with sumac (tangy and acidic) and toasted sesame seeds (nutty and rich)” according to Bon Apetite. The za’atar bagels, za’atar cream cheese, and signature sandwiches (that both incorporate za’atar) bring a whole new flavor profile to the table. I’m a fan.

Terrace Bagels

Windsor Terrace

A classic establishment on the Southwest side of Prospect Park, Terrace has the biggest, fluffiest bagels on this list. As well as a huge selection of deli specials, drinks, and coffees. They’ve also got one of the largest indoor seating areas you’ll ever see at a Bagel shop- pandemic-restrictions aside, you’re virtually guaranteed to get a seat inside. Impossible to understate understate how nice of a perk that is.

Bagel Hole

One of the most well known Bagel shops in Brooklyn. Quintessential New York Bagel-experience. Traditional, smaller bagel with a nice crunch. Generous portions of lox. You’ll find scant few pictures of the inside because, as the employees will immediately remind you as soon as a phone comes out, “no pictures allowed!” Supply Russ & Daughters.

The Bagel Store

Park Slope

The origin of the Rainbow Bagel, but The Bagel Store offers so much more than that. Scot (the man, myth, and legend behind the Rainbow bagel) thinks of himself more as an artist than a baker – and he’s not wrong. This shop can afford to experiment with innovative, creative inventions precisely because it’s built on such a solid foundation. In other words, the traditional offerings are excellent. The two biggest downsides are that, because it is a tourist a attraction, the lines can be long and the food a bit pricey. If you can hit it off-peak, though, you’ll find a pot of gold at the end of this.

La Bagel Delight

Park Slope | Fort Greene | Dumbo  | Downtown Brooklyn

Established in 1986 and family-owned the whole time. They couldn’t be around for over 30 years if they weren’t doing something really, really right. With 5 total locations in Brooklyn they cover the most geography of any shop.

Bagel Boy

Bay Ridge

The only place on the list I haven’t personally verified (yet), but it’s had enough people vouch for it that it makes the list. Will update once visited. In the meantime, if you have anything meaningful to add about why this shop stands out, please comment below!

Agree or disagree with this list? Something missing? Leave a comment below!

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