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7 Ways to Eat A Bagel

When it comes to eating bagels, there are many different methods and styles. Here are 7 ways to prepare a bagel, starting with traditional methods and moving towards more…let’s call them “unique and innovative” methodologies. Some of these might shock (and horrify) you!

1. Closed Sandwich
The Worth It from - Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese, Lox, Tomatoes, Red Onions, and Capers

Sliced into quarters and eaten like a normal person. This is how the majority of humanity consumes their bagels.

2. Open Faced
An open faced bagel sandwich with tomato, capers and onions and a Waffle House mug on an orange chair

Instead of slicing into quarters, slice in half and eat open faced. Another popular, normal way of eating a bagel.

This method is what makes double-sided toppings so important. If you’re going to eat your bagel as two halves, you need toppings on both sides! Otherwise one half will be a plain bagel.

3. Rip-and-dip
einstiein bros new twist n dip bagel

Instead of putting anything on the bagel, you simply rip-and-dip a fresh bagel.

Popular consumption style in Montreal, where the two main shops St. Viateur and Fairmount only sell whole bagels and tubs of cream cheese.

4. mobious strip
mobious strip bagel

A mathematician has calculated how to “Cut Your Bagel The Mathematically Correct Way” – which apparently is a Mobious strip, a surface with only one side.

It’s highly impractical, but looks cool! Watch the full video here:

5. St. Louis style

This is where things start to go off the rails. In 2019, Twitter user @AlekKrautmann posted the above tweet, proudly displaying how he had two boxes of Panera bagels sliced like bread.

The internet erupted

There were plenty of detractors:

And a few brave, contrarian defenders:

We, of course, fall in the detractor camp. This editor from Food & Wine’s We Tried the ‘St. Louis Style’ Sliced Bagels, and Our Office Is Divided summed it up best:
“The joy of a bagel, to me, is the whole bagel—that crust on the outside and the doughy interior. Slicing it like bread breaches the integrity of the perfect continuous torus of carbs in a way that slicing it once horizontally doesn’t. A beautiful crust is a terrible thing to waste.”
6. Multi-sliced bagel

TikTok is a wild, lawless place. Sometimes, it can be utilized for good. Other times, for evil

This preparation method – a cousin to St. Louis Style, with better intentions and execution – is an example of when TikTok can be used for good…

7. peeled

The actual BEST way to eat a bagel no joke it’s DIVINE ##FYP ##foryou ##foryoupage ##bagel ##amazing ##yummy

♬ original sound - Maddie Goetz

…and this peeled bagel is an example of how it can be used for evil. MAJOR Buffalo Bill vibes. Lox her up and throw away the key!

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