Ultimate Guide to NYC Bagels
Ultimate Guide to NYC Bagels
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The Brooklyn Bagel Blog was born out of an epiphany: I’ve loved bagels my whole life, and bagels are a quintessential emblem of New York City itself. The city has annual festivals celebrating anything imaginable. And yet, I was stunned to learn that a Bagel-themed food festival had never taken place in NYC. 

I knew in that moment of realization that a New York City BagelFest needed to exist - and I would be the one to make it happen. Thus was born the Brooklyn Bagel Blog. The Bagel Blog chronicles the journey of my alter ego, The Bagel Borg, on a mission to review and curate the world's best Bagels for the annual Brooklyn BagelFest, the first of which took place in September of 2019.

Follow @brooklynbagelblog on Instagram and YouTube to join the Bagel Borg on his never-ending "Quest for the Fest", and lots more Bagel-themed entertainment.

To find the best Bagel near you, check out the Ultimate NYC Bagel Map, which plots out every single Bagel-shop in NYC (and some beyond).

NYC's First EVER BagelFest